DT Box Tourney - Pool A - Round 1

The first round is in the books and we had some excellent games! The first match saw Nikasha take on The Duke.

The Duke came out to a pretty promising early lead in Untamed, dropping Chelonia

after raising the tide along with two more creatures. Nikasha kind of struggled of the start line with a few clunky card draws in a row. It looked like it was going to be a win for The Duke before the game even got going! But soon Nikasha found her groove. It may not have seemed like too many cards were affecting the board for Nikasha but she kept chipping away at The Duke's aember supply, keeping him off check a few times and finding herself at 6 to forge the first key. The Duke forged soon after. Both decks were back and forth through the mid-game, both going to 8 aember at one point but not forging keys. That's when Nikasha found her groove in Shadows. Hard Simpson kept stealing aember, The Duke could have killed Simpson but Nikasha kept dropping threats that were more important to deal with. Near the end of the game Nikasha found Brend the Fanatic twice in a row and was able to kill it the same turn, once with a Grand Alliance Council under Masterplan, and the second time with a Whisper activation. Nikasha forged key 3 even with The Duke's EDAI making keys cost 9.

Nikasha 3 - The Duke 2