Predictions for Worlds Collide

A few people where I live in Canada managed to acquire Worlds Collide decks early so I’ve thankfully been able to join in on the fun our neighbours to the south have found at Target. The decks seem like they can be quite powerful with the neat new creature interactions and new mechanics. I believe these decks will totally reshape the current meta and I will explain why. Here’s a few predictions for the upcoming set!

Fully experienced after 3 games

Exalt Will Be Done Less Than Half The Time

My first experience with Worlds Collide was against my friend Shea who has a deck with many creatures and many ward actions. I was playing an AoA deck, Urburt, Hunter of the Long-Ranged City, which I consider an aember rush deck with some creature control.

During our game, Shea showcased both new factions, Grand Star Alliance and Saurian, and also showed off two of the new mechanics in Ward and Exalt. Early on in the game Shea had a decent Saurian board out and was exalting his dinos every time he reaped. He had two Questor Jarta on the field as well as another creature featuring Exalt. A couple turns go by, and he has exalted two or three times on each of these creatures so that each have 2 or 3 aember on them. He is literally reaping the reward of the exalt mechanic (insert audible groan). I draw into and play for the most value ever my The Spirit’s Way to destroy each creature over 3 power. I wipe his board (a lot of these dinos are large and over 3 power, sweet!) and collect more than a key worth of aember off of the overly exalted dinos. What I found is that the exalt mechanic can be quite rewarding for the player doing the action but can be quite costly. You need to be able to protect these creatures somehow and if not, you leave yourself very vulnerable to being blown out by your opponent with a large aember swing if they wipe your board. If you cannot protect your Exalted friends then you may not want to do it! You will need to find ways to consistently protect your creatures. How about Warding them?

7 more of these and you’ve got yourself 2 cats

Warding Will Be Very Strong

Maybe no surprise here but… The particular new mechanic that really stood out as being troublesome and game defining is Ward. As a reminder, Warding is an action done through various means (Reaping, playing cards, etc) and involves placing a Ward token on a creature. If that creature were to be destroyed, change locations, or dealt damage then negate that effect and remove the ward counter. This is especially powerful when you’re warding the creature that you’re exalting. Get extra value through your creature’s actions that your opponent will have a tough time dealing with. Excellent! Ward seemed particularly powerful and very troublesome to deal with. Back to the game I played.. After the big board wipe (and massive aember swing in my favour), Shea built up his board again and started warding all his creatures over a few turns. At first I didn’t pay much mind to all the wards until it was too late. I kept to my deck’s plan of racing and ignoring Shea’s creatures. After a few turns he had a good 5 or so creature out on board, warded, and unstoppable. There was no good or easy way to deal with them with my deck. They were essentially on the table for good. I would have essentially needed multiple board wipes or attacked with at least two creatures into each warded creature to eliminate them, which I didn’t have. The best ward decks will need a variety of answers to defeat them or else their fate will be determined before the game has even started. This brings me to my next point…

Your watch has ended

The Meta Will Become More Diverse

From initial glances Worlds Collide decks can out-race and out-aember control it set predecessors if left unchecked. The creatures in Worlds Collide that are capturing and controlling your aember, have big butts (…and cannot lie), and will outshine any Shadows list. The wards will demand special attention that current shadows and untamed lists cannot handle effectively. Players will have a new problems to deal with than just focusing on stealing, and those are found in the new keywords. Capturing, Warding, and Exalting on big creatures. Warding will require many answers to deal with powerful warded creatures. Because any instance of damage removes ward, cards that can deal splash damage or damage multiple creatures in one shot will rise in value. Cards like Whistling Darts

and Throwing Stars in Shadows, Lord Golgotha in Sanctum, The Common Cold and They’re Everywhere in Untamed, Lava Ball in Brobnar, Cowfyne in Brobnar, Flamethrower in Brobnar, Firespitter in Brobnar, Hebe the Huge in Brobnar.. Wait…. Brobnar might be good

This could be -uuuuuge

Brobnar Will Be Very Good vs WC

Brobnar’s big beefy creatures look really good to deal with opposing large powered creatures and its collections of cards can deal with multiple warded creatures. First off Brobnar’s creatures have large power levels that can fight the beefy characters on the opposing battlelines. There’s also several options to fight multiple times with your creatures each turn built right into the Brobnar lists, handy for attacking and eliminating warded creatures. These are found in Relentless Assault

, Anger, Gauntlet of Command. There are several options that deal damage to multiple creatures (Hebe the Huge, Firespitter, Phoenix Heart) or splash damage (Lava Ball, Cowfyne), and thus are able to deal with multiple ward tokens simultaneously. There’s also a nice board wipe in Coward’s End (pretty nice that ward negates damage for this!).

Brobnar is also pretty good at aember control. Pile of Skulls

, Bumpsy, Unguarded Camp, Rogue Ogre. Worlds Collide brings cards like Shattered Throne, Barn Razing, Power of Fire, and several more! Sure they aren’t comparable to some Shadows aember control but who can forget the times when they’re blown out by Burn the Stockpile? Brobnar brings a well-rounded tool box to the Saurian, GSA fight that other houses simply do not.

What a waste of aember, Brobnar!

Players May Not Need To Have Aember Steal

There are several new additions of key taxing effects with Worlds Collide. Sensor Chief Garcia

, Quadracorder, Disruption Field, and Rhetor Gallim. Combined with the capture effects, the variety of new aember control cards may see players diverge from their thieving Shadows ways. I’m expecting to see less Shadows in the meta game.

That’ll be 6 aember + Tax

There’s Plenty More Cool Combos and Interactions to Figure Out

I’ve only seen a few decks play so far and have been super impressed with what I saw. Again, Keyforge had found a way to both intrigue and excite. There are so many neat interactions in Worlds Collide and I can’t wait to explore a vast quantity of them. I believe players will have to deviate from their beloved Shadows companions and find a new way to tackle our Saurian and Grand Star Alliance counterparts other than trusty aember control. I know where I’m starting, Brobnar! And, hey, if you can’t beat ‘em, you can always join ‘em! The adventure and discovery continues November 8th!