The Hard Lock

Last night I went over to my friend’s house to play in our weekly tournament which has been happening since pre-release which is pretty awesome. Clearly no one in my friend group is bored of this game yet and hopefully this post should explain why.

I mentioned in my last post how this game continues to impress me with how unique each and every game feels. Even your own deck, that you’ve played with a dozen times, teaches you something new. Such is the case with my friend Shawn.

I sat down to play Shawn in match 2 last night after sure handedly getting trounced by LD. Shawn decided to switch up decks from game one to his Viceroy "Chowderfoot" Sorrow deck. ( Obviously emphasis on Chowdaaaah! ). !(uploads/Chowdah.jpg) “It’s not very good” He proclaimed.

I just bought a new deck last night, X. Chandra, Baron of the Secret Riverside, which has the much talked about Library Access, a couple Phase Shifts, and a couple Novu Archaeologists to return the combo. Turn 1 against LD in the first game I had played 10 cards, though fizzled for a loss after that.

“We’ll see how this goes” I say.

I roll a 6 to Shawn’s 5. I’m going first. My opening hand wasn’t anything special. I shuffle and mulligan. Even worse.

“Uh… Shadows” and I play a Dodger.

With a grin on his face, I know something is up.

“Untamed!” and he lays down 3 exhausted creatures and plays an action. These particular 4 cards…

Now I didn’t see it at first. Maybe second glance. It didn’t sink in until after my next turn when I played a Dextre

, Mother, and a Novu Archaeologist and passed.

Shawn announced untamed again. Reaped with Dew Faerie for 2, with Snufflegator for 1, and Witch of the Eye for 1. 4 Amber total!

But wait! That Witch of the Eye trigger on Reap. Hey it returns a card from your discard pile to your hand. Looks like you have one card in discar…. Oh wait. Nature’s Call…

Yep, Shawn brought back Nature’s Call, Cast is for his fifth Amber of the turn and send my board back to my hand.

I was locked out. A few more turns like this and I was toast. Shawn only played those 4 cards the entire game to win. It took 5 turns and I was toast. I couldn’t do anything.

“I didn’t know this deck could do that” Shawn said.

“I thought it was awful!”

There’s a 1:1.9M chance of drawing 6 specific cards in your opening hand in KeyForge. There’s a 1:630 chance of drawing this specific two card combo (Witch of the Eye and Nature’s Call). 1:1260 chance of doing so when you’re playing second (losing the coin flip) which I think is key to locking the board. Shawn broke the odds and I’m hoping, versus me, I don’t wind up in prison under the hard lock again (Though it was pretty cool!).