Worlds Collide Inital Impressions

Worlds Collide has been out (officially) for just over a week and boy have I been jamming games! Very coincidentally (cunning emoji), I’ve just gone on parental leave on Nov 7, essentially Worlds Collide release day, and am off work for the next 3 months and on daddy duty (Oh Canada!). My kid is still quite small and loves to take multi-hour naps during the day which is a great time for dad to jump on the crucible for some games of Keyforge! It’s also great as I have a Primes event coming up November 23 in Calgary so getting in as many games as possible in this new meta is going to help a ton! And, my goodness, has the meta changed. Decks that I have that were once very good are no longer performing as consistently as before Worlds Collide decks came out. The dinosaurs and Grand Star Alliance are making me think more in game! When I’m not working hard for a win I’m getting totally stomped.

They said they’d come in peace! And when I say totally stomped, I mean that exactly. I’ve had more than a couple games where my opponent is essentially playing fancy solitaire with themselves. If decks were race cars, their deck is cruising smoothly at 230 km/h right off the starting line where as mine is stuck in the biggest mud puddle spinning its tires and somehow going backwards.Take the image above. This was about turn 7 from a recent game I played with (what used to be) my best deck. That was the board. I had nothing out on board. Anything I played was immediately removed. The wards blanked any of my spot removal and my one board wipe was at the bottom of my deck (probably). At this point they had 2 keys and 2 Aember and I had zero of either. I was pretty much playing to not get skunked.

I can tell you that it is not fun “playing" a game like this. You are so far behind and any hope that you have of somehow gaining any traction is immediately thwarted. It’s hard to continue playing these games out when you know your fate has been sealed. But as frustrating as it is, I like sticking it out to the bitter end to see what I can possibly learn. Take the insane GSA line up pictured above. I could have quit turns ago when I knew I was locked out and had no hope of winning. However, I stuck around, and in doing so was able to see how a good Grand Star Alliance deck operates. The picture above shows me how I may be able to beat this kind of deck in the future. Take a look at the image above and think which of your decks may be good against this line up.

I have a couple decks with multiple copies of Ammonia Clouds

. Playing just one of those would be devastating to a board like this. Two copies would be a board wipe. Simple board wipe spells are great too. Gateway to Dis, Unlocked Gateway, Key to Dis, etc. However, I’ve been finding that much of the strength in the two new houses is coming from big one sided value/tempo plays. A simple board wipe is good but on your opponent’s next turn they are able to restock the board and regain a good portion of the tempo lost from the board wipe. The new set, especially the new houses, have so many good value creatures that have great text boxes. They do things on entering the playing field plus do other things on reaping and fighting. Some are even able to buff their neighbours. I was posting on Twitter over the last week about how good the Dinos in Saurian can be. A few times this week I’ve passed the turn with 2-4 creatures on board and in check. Pass turn. My opponent forges a key, plays some dinos, and before I’ve even had a sip of my coffee my board has been wiped, I’ve gone from 7 Aember to 1, they have added more dinos to their heard, and are in check again. What has happened!?

I believe if you’re playing to beat the new houses, as opposed to joining them, any of your answers must be one sided tempo plays as well. You want to swing the tempo heavily in your favour like a lot of their plays do for them. Those simple board wipes I’ve mentioned earlier, well they just even the playing field (in terms of tempo). Sure they may wipe your opponent’s board but the board wipe also clears your own board as well. Sometimes you can play a few creatures after one of these wipes but that’s not consistent enough (nor enough tempo). Some of the cards I’ve been liking is the board wipe in Coward’s end. Brobnar is great at fighting, and taking damage on it’s creatures. During the course of a game I can fight a bunch of good enemy 1-4 powered creatures, knocking them out of the game and gaining damage on my creature’s (and sometimes Aember from the fight). Then I can play a Coward’s End for the one sided board wipe. My board remains in tact and theirs is diminished. I’ve now caused a significant tempo swing in my favour.

Dino Pinatas! Another thing I’ve noted, playing against Worlds Collide, is that they are quite consistent with playing several cards a turn. I think this is because they can spend a few turns in one house, using the creatures and playing out the cards in their hand, while collecting many cards of another house. I’ve been having some decent success with hand control. Dis is quite good at this. Ember Imp

has always been great but its really good now slowing down big Dino or Star Trek decks. Succubus reduces their hand size and thus the number of cards they can play in a turn and number of options they have. Mind Barb is great at slowing them down as well by removing a card. Powerful creatures that pack a good static ability that negatively affects your opponent throw them off their game plan by causing them to answer your threat on a body.

What’s great about this new meta is I’m seeing cards from the previous sets that I wasn’t really seeing before. People are delving into their collections to try new things. My latest game I played my best deck, Phisk “Windchill" Zouchyy, vs an unassuming Dis/Sanctum/Untamed deck: Q. Ligustinius, the Monument Rustler. I was playing in competitive but this did not look like the typical competitive deck (no shadows, no package of multiple overpowered cards). What I learned is that this deck packs a serious tempo punch. I imagine it is good vs Dinos and GSA due to its numerous one sided tempo plays. The cards that stood out to me were Three Fates

, which would be gas vs Dinos and worked well vs me, Lost in the Woods sent my creatures packing back to the library, and Key Hammer sent me back an entire turn (and almost allowed my opponent to win the game due to its effect). The deck’s creatures are also really big and are meant to be fighting. The Ancient Bear and Bear Flute package ensures a steady board state of punchy bears to aide in the Dino dilemma and the Save the Pack can be a one sided board wipe! The two Control the Weak are still really good, and 2 Succubus are still great but it was interesting to play against a deck that was most likely curated from a collection to fight the Worlds Collide Metagame with a package of cards that I’m not used to seeing (And be one turn away from losing to it!).

My experience with the new meta is that decks that have been good for me are now achieving questionable results. I’m no longer as confident in them. I’ve reanalyzed my collection for heavy impacting one-sided tempo plays that can compete with the Worlds Collide decks. Cards that I’ve glossed over before are now cards that I’m looking to play and test out. Blinding Light, Relentless Assault, Three Fates, Nocturnal Maneuver, Light’s Out are all one sided tempo plays that put you back on track when behind and way farther ahead otherwise. Check your collection for some hidden gems!